A Rare Chance To Learn Butoh

Butoh is a relatively obscure art form and subculture hidden like a pearl in the mud. Those who ally with it reap unexpected yet rich harvests.

(For information on what Butoh might be see the Defyning section in my virtual Butoh manual.)

The shadowbody Butoh workshop draws upon a multitude of exercises and perspectives utilizing body-mind, improvisation, imagination, shamanic motifs, and unlearning. It is an invaluable resource for dancers, actors, performance artists, body workers, athletes, psychologists, and more.

Clear instruction is emphasized. The workshop cultivates individual deep creation within, and is crafted in such a way that both beginners and experienced practitioners can gain material to construct their personal Butoh body. No experience of any prior discipline needed.

The workshop is expected to influence several aspects of one’s life beyond Butoh. Participants will also have the ability to dive further or refresh themselves with any material via the virtual Shadowbody Butoh Manual available for free here.

Workshops generally range from 1 to 5 days, 5 to 6 hours per day with an hour break in-between. Shorter or longer schedules are possible. The following locations have had 3 or more day Shadowbody intensives: Gomarduli (GE), (Istanbul & Şirince (TU), Leipzig (DE), Helsinki (FI), Madrid (ES), Athens (GR), Belgrade & Sesalac (SRB), Odessa, Kiev & Lviv (UKR), Idan Desert (ISR), Whidbey Island, Washington (USA), Saint Petersburg, Florida (USA), and New Orleans (USA), New Delhi & Hyderabad (IN).

The workshops are for all—LGBTQAPoC, the differently abled (physically or mentally), and any caste (India). A youth-friendly environment is also possible. Both youth facilities (such as schools) and assisted living facilities are welcome.

The most important mission is helping spread the wonder that is Butoh!

Educator Adam Koan

Photo by David Joshua Jennings

Adam Koan is an international Butoh performer, educator, writer, scholar, and Noguchi Taiso-based mover with over approximately 500 hours of guiding experience. He is a classically trained dancer (Hillsborough Community College & University of South Florida 2010 – 2013) and developed as a Butoh dancer after beginning Butoh in Fall of 2013 at the Himalaya Subbody Butoh School. Since then, he has been dedicated to the art and has been exposed to various other Butoh masters such as Ken Mai, Tadashi Endo, Diego Piñón, and Yumiko Yoshioka (see here for a detailed list of training and teaching history).

He is currently on tour with Ozerk Sonat Pamir and Julie Becton Gillum under the collaboration known as Butoh Lantern.


Black and white photograph above by Vassilis Kritikos.